Living Together

Living Together – Planning Your Future

Living together is often the first step of a life long relationship.  But sometimes it isn’t. Things go wrong and if the right legal planning isn’t in place, it can become an expensive mess which could end up in Court.  Expensively.

Living together, the video.

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Living together – the Financial Arrangements.

Who is paying the rent?  If things fall apart, is it possible to get yourself out of liability to pay rent, tax, mortgages and all the bills.  Or will you be stuck with the lot if your partner walks out and leaves you holding the financial baby (as opposed to a real one!)

Living Together – Flat Sharing

A flat sharing agreement can establish the basic ground rules.  But the game changes totally if you are considered to be cohabiting: then the partners start to acquire serious legal rights.  Make sure a casual friendship does not end up causing a legal case under co-habitation rules.

Living Together – if it is more serious, then a proper cohabitation agreement.

Clearly, having a baby starts to tie people together with a network of rights and obligations. But so does living together as a couple, and you could find your rights are not at all what you would expect if things go wrong.   Worst case scenario is that your partner dies without a Will or any form of cohabitation agreement, and you end up in a big legal fight with their grieving parents and aggressive solicitor who are fighting to deprive you of any rights you might have had.  And maybe of some of your own possessions.

If it is serious, you need to talk to us about Wills, Powers of Attorney, Co-habitation Agreements.  And you need to do it early, no one knows what the future holds.

Living Together – things change.

As part of our service, we offer the Peace of Mind Service which helps you to keep your Legal Planning under review, from cradle to grave and beyond.  Wills, Powers of Attorney, Co-Habitation Agreements, Inheritance Tax Planning, Trusts are all things which you may well need to discuss and change.  From the day you join, we will be there to help you plan to protect yourself and your (future?) family.

Contact us to discuss living together planning.

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